Connecting World

Connecting World
Globalizing Education

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Sakura Science Project @ Japan

Modern Public School believes in the holistic development of children and retains its faith in the fact that inculcating the spirit of Internationalism and Multiculturalism is one of the most important aspects of education. In pursuance to the same, six students of the school along with Ms. Sapna Charha visited Japan on a week long trip under the eminent Sakura Science Project. The arrival in the Land of Rising Sun was followed by an informative orientation programme for the guest institutions and mind stimulating visits to Hiroshima University High School and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. The following day was filled with surprising explorations of Energia Research Institute and Hiroshima University. The students felt privileged to attend lectures, analyze laboratories and to learn under celebrated professors and laureates. The next morning flew the visitors to Haneda where the students stopped over the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Kawagoe Festival Museum and explored the corners of Tokyo University. The visitation to the Communication Hall of Space Science and Exploration, JAXA was the most important part of the trip which was followed by a well organised farewell ceremony for the delegates. The trip culminated with the auspicious visit to Naritasan Shinshoji Temple. The entire venture was exclusive and advantaged as the visitors returned with immense knowledge and cherishable memories of sightseeing experiences.

International Dimension to Education

With an aim to connect our students globally and sensitize them to the need of people worldwide, 2nd Video Conferencing session was held with the students of Yangil High School in South Korea. The exchange programme with the school in Korea has made the students understand and experience International Dimension to Education. The students not only enjoyed talking to them but also had an insight into the Korean trends, cultures and traditions. The students of both the schools interacted on Bollywood movies, songs and the significance of dance depicting Indian culture. Students of our school sung a melodious song which the Korean students thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. The language barrier did not prove to be a hindrance to express each other’s discussions and deliberations. A video on their famous television show was also shown by them. This video conferencing session was a beautiful venture to foster interpersonal skills thus enhancing communication and collaboration skills. The students imbibed the real message of International Dimension to Education that all people are the same and should respect each other for a peaceful living.

Alliance with Japan

Modern Public School believes in the spirit of internationalism and globalisation. The exchange of knowledge and culture has always been our aspiration. Treading on the same the school tied hands with Educell Japan, Japan Foundation and cherished the presence of two eminent Japanese delegates Mr. Kousuke Noguchi, Director for Japanese language and Japanese Studies, Japan Foundation and Ms. Yuiko Wakana, Language Advisor on April 11, 2017. The influential spokespersons  apprised the students with the immensely rich and vibrant culture of Japan. Through their words they let the spectators peep into the core of education system of Japan. The budding quiz masters partook in the Japan themed quiz competition with great zeal and fervour. The enlightening session made possible the exchange of cultures through enthusiastic interaction. The fruitful congregation enhanced the knowledge, engagement and transaction with Japan.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Strengthening Ties…. Visit to London -2015

Our Honorable Madam Principal Ms. Alka Kapur and Managing Director Mr. Ajay Kapur accompanied with Ms.Naina Nagpal and Ms. Meena Seth, educators from MPS, visited Chasetown school from 7th June to 14 June 2015 as a part of an Academic and Cultural exchange Programme and spent a week with them. The teachers observed different literacy especially grammar lessons across class I to V. It was well appreciated that the educators were clear that the learning strategies were child specific. They also interacted at length with their heads, to discuss future collaborative projects and best practices to build students’ literacy skills . They brought back bag filled with enchanting memories and expertise on student- centered learning.