Connecting World

Connecting World
Globalizing Education

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Sharing and caring are the bubbles of effervescence, which not only give joy to others but also enrich our perception to others”.

In the fast placed era of globalization when thoughts, views and opinions are changing at a dynamic speed, MPS has always strived to give an ‘out of the textbook’ exposure to its students and staff members to help in shaping their personalities holistically keeping with its tradition of Multicultural exchange programmes with International Schools, Modern Public School hosted 2 teachers Ms. Anne Westboy and Mr. Richard Cogings from Chase Town Community School, Stafford Shire, UK from 13 October to 17 October.
The visit aimed at providing a holistic view of Indian culture tradition and values to the UK delegation. The delegates during a week long stay awaited wonderful opportunity to visit new places and to meet new people along with a more precise professional and vocational direction. The itinerary was scheduled in such a fashion that every minute of the stay during the exchange was utilized to the optimum. Though various well designed activities like class room communication, workshops and visits, the delegates exchanged their knowledge about the education system, culture history and other norms of the Indian society.
The delegates were mesmerized by the aura of Red Fort and Akshardham Temple. The garden of Taj Mahal at Agra mesmerized them. They were deeply impressed by the strong affinity Indians show for another.
The visit undoubtedly helped in invigorating new bonds with the outside world.